A Breakthrough in Graffiti Abatement & Removal
and Building Preservation Technology

Developed Specifically for Property Managers, Municipalities, Business Owners who are
constantly bombarded with Graffiti.

An Environmental and User safe alternative to Volatile and Toxic Products

Our graffiti removal and paint stripper products are manufactured with environmentally friendly ingredients that are biodegradable and non-toxic to aquatic life. We DO NOT USE METHYLENE CHLORIDE, NMP NOR ANY HARSH HYDROCARBON SOLVENTS in any of our graffiti removers or environmentally friendly paint strippers.
Dulux provides permanent anti-graffiti coatings, which continuously protect the substrate against graffiti without the need for reapplication. Spray-paint graffiti can be removed by the use of Dulux Graffiti Eraser.
Acrathane IF is an acrylic finish for long term durability and is ideal for public spaces that may be prone to defacement by spray-can graffiti. Its isocyanate free formulation is particuarly useful for on-site spray application and excellent chemical resiatnce makes it suitable for many commercial and indutrial applications
Excellent graffiti resistance
Good abrasion resistance
Can be sprayed on site
Can be cleaned of graffiti with Dulux Graffiti eraser
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