Water Based BioDegradable Environmental Graffiti Remover Item # 00GR050
Removal of Graffiti, paint, glue and tape marks on hard porous surfaces
A water based biodegradable liquid graffiti remover that disolves most types of paints, marker pen and glue. The product can be used alone or together with Strip type. The product is bio-degradeable and suitable for use on concrete, brick, metal and wood surfaces.
Apply the product with atomizer or brush, let the product soak until it has dissolved the paint down to the underlaying surface. Mulitple applications may be required depending on the number of paint layers on the surface. Allow to dwell a minimum of 30 minutes prior to removal. 00GR050 may also be used in ink and paint manufacturing industry to rinse or wash mixing tanks.
18.9 litre pail
200 litre tote (special)
1000 litre tote (special)
00GR050 : Xi Irritant
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