51PC101 fluorinated polyurethane anti-graffiti coatings Item # 51PC101-001
51PC101 is a high-performance, highly fluorinated polyurethane top coat formulated for thin film applications, offering general ease of handling and application. It is a two-component, solvent based, high solids enamel system which exhibits outstanding performance properties, compared to higher build, multi-coat premium systems. The patented “fluoroshield” protection of 51PC101 makes it virtually impervious to moisture and oxygen permeation.
51PC101 exhibits unsurpassed performance for all physical properties as well as resistance to chemicals, weathering and uv degradation. 51PC101 contains a special “anti-graffiti” feature making it resistant to graffiti attack.
This light switch boxes are prime targets for tagging. This particular box has been in service since the late 80's and has been tagged and painted over many time. The box was stripped with Strip and then coated with 51PC101 anti-graffiti coating. Our Wipes are now used as a more cost effective method to control graffiti.
A high performance, inert topcoat system designed to overcoat virtually any surface and make it resistant to corrosion, UV breakdown, abrasion, graffiti and chemical attack. FPU® coatings exhibit outstanding weathering characteristics. Developed over two decades of research and development, FPU® has a proven service history. 51PC101 is ideal for limited immersion service on marine, aerospace, architectural, industrial and automotive equipment, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, masonry, timber, fiberglass and carbon fiber. It provides a high quality fi nish, and offers exceptional all round performance with an expected life span exceeding 20 years.

Outstanding Hydrophobic and Oleophobic surface properties
Impervious to moisture and oxygen permeation (Osmotic barrier)
Highly fl exible and outstanding impact and abrasion resistance
Low surface energy which resists soiling and marking
Highly resistant to attack by hydrocarbons and chemical products
Completely insensitive to UV radiation
Highly resistant to graffiti attack from spray paint and marker
For optimum appearance properties, 51PC101™ should be spray applied in two to three coats to a minimum of 2 mils DFT / 50 microns DFT. Always allow each coat to “flash off” to a tacked state prior to a following coat. 51PC101™ may also be spray applied, brushed or rolled in one coat, unreduced to the recommended DFT. FPU® coatings must not be applied to surfaces at ambient temperatures above 35C / 95F. For optimum application properties, the temperature of the material should be between 10C and 25C / 50F and 80F prior to mixing and application. Apply the coating only when the surface temperature is more than 5F or 3C above the dew point temperature of the surrounding air and relative humidity is below 85%, in order to prevent moisture condensation on the surface.
1.5 US gallon kit (5.67 litres)
3 US gallon kit (11.34 litres)
15 US gallon kit (56.7 litres)
51PC101 : UN 1263 Paint
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