Enviro Chewing Gum and Tape Remover Item # 4762-0005
Multi-task cleaner to remove gum and tape residue from hard and porous surfaces such as plazas, iterlocking brick, concret and paved walk ways, walls, light standards etc. Excellent for removal of unwanted posters and decals from public property.
A biodegradable industrial cleaner that dissolves most types of chewing gum and adhesive tape residues.
Apply the GCR neat on the chewing gum by brushing or atomizing sprayer and allow to dwell 5 to 15 minutes. Remove using high pressure spray and a pencil nozzle or a specialized surface cleaning attachment designed for cleaning exterior walkways.

For poster and tape removal, apply directly to the area and allow to dwell for 5 to 15 minutes and remove using pressure washing or hand wiping the area.
5 litre jug
200 litre tote (special)
1000 litre tote (special)
GCR : Xi local irritant
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