EPS Environmental Paint Stripper Item # 603603-603609
EPS-E Environmental Paint Stripper Extra Item # 603693-603699
Removal of Graffiti, paint, glue and tape marks on vertical hard porous surfaces
A gel that disolves most types of paints, marker pen and glue. The product can be used alone or together with an EGR™ type. The product is 100% bio-degradeable and approved by British Waterways to be used adjacent to rivers, canels and reservoirs.
Apply the product with low pressure spray or paint brush, let the product soak until it has dissolved the paint down to the underlaying surface. To help the process, it is recommended to apply GHZ™, or SG™ with an atomizer and to scrub with a stiff brush. Before removing, soak the underlying surface with water. Remove with plenty of water, on porous surfaces high pressure hose may be required.
EPS-E™ is faster than EPS™ and is recommended to be used mainly by professionals. Never use EPS-E™ to remove graffiti on painted surfaces.
5 litre jug
200 litre tote (special)
1000 litre tote (special)
EPS: None
  EPS-E: Xi Irritant
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