GGS II Graffiti Sealer II Item #
This provincial government building had been coated with a urethane anti-graffiti coating that reacted with the brick resulting in white stains. The urethane was removed using Strip and then protected with GGS II anti-graffiti coating. It has since been tagged a few times and graffiti was removed with ease.
GGS II is a single component, moisture cured graffiti proofing treatment well suited to porous surfaces such as concrete, brick, stucco, stone and wood. GGS II is resistant to UV breakdown, ozone, salt air, acid rain, pollution etc. GGS II allows for expansion, contraction, building movement and temperature changes without adversely affecting the substrate. GGS II also allows the substrate to “breathe” without adverse affect on the perm rating of the substrate material.
GGS II is a single component, moisture cured graffiti sealer that allows easy removal of graffiti from the treated surface of concrete, brick, stucco, stone or wood. GGS II also provides weatherproofing and is suitable in all climate conditions.

Easy to apply and effective against spray paint and marker
Economical and effective graffiti proofing solution for exterior and interior applications
Suitable for a variety of substrates such as concrete, brick, stone, stucco or wood
Ensure that the surface is dry and free from contaminants. GGS II may be used on new or existing surfaces. The application of GGS II is simple and may be applied liberally using a brush, roller or sprayer. The initial coat should take approximately 45 minutes to an hour to dry at ambient temperature of 72F (20C). GGS II may be applied at colder temperatures however, dry times will take longer. You may apply a second or third coat of GGS II as required depending on porosity of substrate. The second or third coat must be applied before surface is dry. (should be tacky)
1 US gallon (3.78 litres)
5 US gallons (18.9 litres)
50 US gallon drum (special)
GGS II : UN 1263 Paint
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