CALTRANS, LOS ANGELES, CA This data sheet shows the refurbishment of a traffic control box in Los Angelos for Caltrans. Strip is used to remove many layers of paint overs and 51PC101 is then applied as an anti-graffiti coating.
SCOTIA BANK, LONDON, ON 00GR050 and Strip are used to remove very old graffiti from the rear of the Scotia Bank building. GGS II anti-graffiti coating is then applied to protect from future graffiti attack.
GLENCOE TOWNSHIP, MIDDLESEX, ON The township of Glencoe was hit with multiple tags during a summer long weekend in 2004. In late fall 2004, Ecopositive used Enviro products to remove all of the graffiti from this small rural community.
TIM HORTON'S, LONDON, ON Tim Horton's brick exterior was tagged along one wall of the drive through. 00GR050 and Strip were used to remove the graffiti without interrupting the drive through traffic. The Graffiti wipe was also used to remove graffiti from an interior bathroom partition.
ORCAS IN THE CITY, VANCOUVER, BC Orcas in the City project, Vancouver, BC Summer 2004. The BC Lions Society used 51PC101 to protect all of the unique hand painted orcas on display throughout the city from graffiti vandalism.
KENSALL PUBLIC SCHOOL, LONDON, ON This school had been tagged numerous times and residual damage was evident. The 51PC101 coating was applied to a rear section of the building for evaluation to protect against future graffiti vandalism.
EARLY YEAR CENTRE, HAMILTON, ON An improper specification using a modifed urethane as an anti-graffiti coating lead to severe white stains on the brick exterior of a new construction building. The brick was to be stripped of the urethane and coated with GGS II anti-graffiti coating without leaving any evidence of the damage caused by the original urethane finish.
PUBLIC SCHOOL LIBRARY, WINDSOR, ON This facility was damaged when a contractor was hired to remove graffiti with an abrasive media. The Graff-It-Off system proved to be a superior method to removing graffiti.
TRANSIT STATION INTERIOR, CHICAGO, ILLINOIS This aged transit station required an interior refurbishment and protection from graffiti vandalism.
THE WORKING CENTRE, KITCHENER, ON The facade of this building was stripped with Strip environmentally friendly paint stripper.
LCBO, OTTAWA, ON Remove graffiti from building exterior and brick fences