Enviro Multi Tox Disinfectant Item # 4704-0005
An excellent product for controlling algae, fungus, moss and bacteria.
A water based, biodegradable disinfectant designed to kill algae, fungis or moss and control bacteria. MultiTox has been approved by the Danish Ministry for use in food processing facilities in the agricultural and fish industries.
MultiTox may be diluted 1:1 with water for a reaction time of 12 hours. Dilution of 1:10 extends reaction time to 72-96 hours. Simply apply liberally to the affected area using a low pressure atomizing sprayer and allow to dwell for a minimum of 12 hours. Area may be pressure washed and cleaned with Uni once the area has been treated with MultiTox. To help prevent or alleviate problematic mould and mildew growth, we recommend 21st Century Coating (Canada) Ltd. PolyFlo MMR mould and mildew resistant coatings.
5 litre jug
200 litre tote (special)
1000 litre tote (special)
MultiTox : Xi local irritant
Data Sheet:
Data Sheet:
PolyFlo MMR