Water Based Multi-Task Environmental Industrial Cleaner Item # 4304-0005
Multi-task cleaner for all surfaces applied neat or diluted for oil and water separation, removing strong stains and restaurant equipment cleaning, flooring, industrial machinery and food processing equipment. Uni has also been used to clean inter-locking brick, large commerical engines spaces and components for marine, heavy equipment and automotive applications.
Marble Fountain Before
Clean with Uni and
Coat with FPU 51PC150
Marble Fountain After
A biodegradable industrial cleaner that removes and dissolves dirt, oil, grease, fat, nicotine, markerpen graffiti and separates oil from water. Uni has been approved by the Danish Ministry for use in food processing plants in the agricultural and fish industries.
Uni may be used neat or may be diluted with water depending on the type of application and level of soiling. For typical general purpose cleaning, Uni may be added to water at a 2% dilution level. For flooring, 10% dilution is recommended. For heavy soiled areas such as engine compartments, bilges, production machinery or heavy equipment, Uni may be used in neat form and should be allowed to dwell long enough to break down any heavy oils or greases.
5 litre jug
200 litre tote (special)
1000 litre tote (special)
Uni : Xi local irritant
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