ENVIRO Group’s approach to graffiti is simple and applies basic principles. We consider every step in the process. Our products are designed to be effective and to meet the strictest environmental guidelines. Our concerns are as follows;
Personal Safety
  All of our products are biodegradeble and contain no harsh chemicals that can have a serious negative health impact on the individual. We always recommend personal protection whenever using any products however there are no solvents used in the blending of ENVIRO Group’s graffiti removers.
Environmental Safety
  Based on the strictest European regulations, ENVIRO products are designed to ensure a minimal environmental impact. All of our products are biodegradable and easily neutralized when blended with water.

Our graffiti removal and paint stripper products are manufactured with environmentally friendly ingredients that are biodegradable and non-toxic to aquatic life. We DO NOT USE METHYLENE CHLORIDE, NMP NOR ANY HARSH HYDROCARBON SOLVENTS in any of our graffiti removers or environmentally friendly paint strippers.
Damage Prevention
  A common result of improper graffi ti removal is substrate damage. The use of abrasive media or harsh chemicals can permanently damage a substrate beyond repair. The graffi ti may have been eradicated however, the surface is now scarred from the removal
procedure. Our products are designed to ensure damage is not a factor in the graffi ti removal process; we ensure the products do the job and the use of abrasive media is not necessary.
Graffiti Abatement
  Graffiti removal is simply the fi rst stage of battling the graffiti war. The use of coating whether they be sacrafi cial, semi-permanent or permanent can be a major cost savings factor when dealing with graffi ti control. Abatement coatings can discourage “tagging” and ease removal of future graffi ti attacks. We have developed a unique product line designed to handle all types of surfaces inclusive of porous and non-porous substrates.
Consult with your local Anti Graffiti Coating representative or local distributor to determine the best solution to graffiti removal abatement.