Over the past 20 years, many companies have developed graffiti-removers based on methylene chloride and other very aggressive and undesirable chemicals. Particularly in the European Economic Union, the requirements to use the mildest solutions and solvents are strict to safeguard personal working safety as well as to protect against polution of earth and water.

On the world market today, there are many companies that offer graffiti removers but none of them are able to present a package as complete as Anti Graffiti Coating's System

For Anti Graffiti Coating, in connection with the development of other products, we chose a number of newly available solvents which were partly based on lactic acid derivatives as well as citrus oils. This development has enabled us to market a whole variety of new products that optimally and efficiently remove unwanted graffiti. There are products for the professional and private user.
Originally developed in Denmark through extensive research to seek out alternative environmentally friendly technologies to replace harsh solvents and chemicals used in industry today.

The result of this research included our diverse line of environmentally friendly graffiti removal products and cleaners. Although our core competancy is graffiti removal and abatement products, we also provide environmentally friendly cleaners such as Super ™ and PolyClean 2000™.

Super GEO™; can be used in a variety of applications from household cleaning in diluted concentrations, to the removal of severe oil stains in concrete. It has a diverse range of applications.

PolyClean 2000™ is a recyclable environmentaly friendly replacement for methylene chloride and acetone and has extensive applications for cleaning equipment in the polyester industry. It meets the strictest environmental requirements set by the Danish Technological Institute and is deemed a suitable replacement for these VOC compounds.